If you fail to follow these rules, it will result in a punishment depending on the severity and offense. Finding loopholes in the rules will result in a permanent ban, and avoiding being banned by creating spare accounts will also result in a ban.


  1. No swearing except "lmao", "hell", "heck", "crap", "damn", ''frick'', and "dang".
  2. No spamming on pages.
  3. No sexual images, gore, NSFW, or nudity of any kind. Even as profile pictures. No exceptions.
  4. Do not make pages for things other than Animal Jam Records.
  5. Do not make pages without a staff member's permission.
  6. No threats, harassment, or bullying of any kind or form.
  7. Do not make fake pages or put in false information. You must have 1(+) images or other sorts of proof of your record.
  8. Follow the Animal Jam rules (Example- scamming on Animal Jam will result in a ban).
  9. Have fun and be safe.
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