hi.. my name is Floof or whatever you want to call me, I have friends (wow so awesome, I actually have friends?) Yeah I'm an admin and I usually play Animal Jam, feel free to talk on my Message Wall, lmk if you have an error to report and I will try my best to fix it. uwu <3 

I am Floofy/Fluffy, I am an admin here I guess. I love when new people come because then the wiki grows larger. :) I personally like being in chats and draw, I am an introvert usually, sometimes an ambivert in real life, but I guess that's all you need to know about me. Have fun. <3

Uh, hey you actually came here, I guess I'll tell you what I like?

- Drawing

- Leafy ;)

- Messing and joking around.

- Being in chats if they're full.

- Talking to my friend(s)

- Sleeping

- Breathing

- Soda


- Treekco is the big

- Aesthetic vibes

- Music

- Being calm

- My cats

- Noodles

- Animating

- Having a positive vibe usually.


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